Point of sale to Optimize Your Warehouse Management

Optimize inventory in your warehouse using DealPOS application. You can track sales and purchase stock to suppliers. Create inventory adjustments quickly using inventory adjustment app that we provide and make deliveries between outletst

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sales and purchase order

Sales & Purchase Order

Record purchase and sales transactions of your goods in one application. Our system also supports partial fulfillment where you can record the quantity that has been received / sent against the order quantity. You can monitor the fulfillment status of each Order accurately and ensure all orders have been fulfilled properly.

Inventory Adjustment

Doing stock opname is something that must be done at the end of every month. In DealPOS you can do it and update stock items in real-time and accurately. We also provide Barcode Scanner Application that can make it easier for you to make inventory adjustments and the process will be faster.

transfer order

Transfer Order

If you have more than 1 store and one of your stores runs out of stock, you can easily use the transfer order feature. DealPOS will record all activities carried out starting from creation, approval, fulfillment and completion of shipping goods to the intended store.