Marketplace integration

Manage your offline and online store in one application. By connecting dealpos to shopee and Tokopedia marketplaces, you can manage products, inventory, and orders in one platform making it easier for you to sell omnichannel.

Aplikasi omnichannel DealPOS untuk Integrasi Marketplace

Product Synchronization

Manage the catalog of products you sell for offline and online channels in one interface. You no longer need to do repetitive work to upload information on the products you sell for each channel. Changes in the price of the product you are selling will be automatically synchronized to each channel.

Centralized Inventory

Inventory on all your channels synchronized realtime in one integrated system. You don't need to do manual inventory allocation anymore for each channel so you avoid selling inventory that no longer exists or losing the opportunity to sell because the inventory is allocated in another channel.

kelola inventory dalam satu sistem terpadu
Kelola banyak akun marketplace mudahkan kelola pesanan

Order Consolidation

All orders from offline and online channels are consolidated in realtime. You no longer need to manually input orders from your online channel to the Point of Sale so that sales reports can be reflected in realtime. Our system also updates automatically the status of delivery, payment or cancellation for every order you receive through the marketplace.