Customer Facing Display

Additional displays to help your customers confirm the product they are buying before making payment. The Point of Sale screen used by your cashier is synchronized in real-time with the Customer Display.

customer facing display
promotions display

Promotion Showcase

Show all ongoing promotions on your fashion retail shop, minimarket, electronic, cosmetic dan freshfood using our customer facing display feature to help increase basket size per transaction.

QR Payment

Make it easier for your customers to make payments by displaying a QR Code for each ongoing transaction. The cashier will receive a notification once the QR is paid.

qr payment

What is a Customer Facing Display?

Customer Facing Display is an information application for customers that displays ongoing transactions and promotions in your shop and makes it easier for customers to make payments via QR Code.

Apart from providing a better checkout experience, the CFD feature can also minimize returns/exchanges.

On the customer screen, information about ongoing transactions and ongoing promotions will be displayed.