Privacy Policy

PT. Generasi Inspirasi Informatika (DealPOS) which manages and provides the website "" and android application (DealPOS).

This privacy policy is a commitment from DealPOS to maintain the confidentiality of the personal data of DealPOS users and is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Service.

DealPOS hereby notifies the policies regarding (i) collection of user data (ii) use and processing of user data (iii) disclosure of user data and (iv) storage and deletion of user data.

The privacy policy is subject to the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations and other provisions that guarantee the confidentiality of data.

The user hereby declares that in the event that each user accesses and/or uses DealPOS services, the user data obtained is true, valid, and accurate data and gives consent to DealPOS to collect, use, and disclose user data to the extent permitted by applicable legal provisions. DealPOS in this case uses the data solely to improve DealPOS services and the transaction interests of users.

Data collection

When accessing the service, DealPOS asks users to fill in and notify DealPOS of data containing personal information from users. The information that DealPOS requests from users includes name, username, email, business name, business type, mobile phone number, ID card, TIN, and bank account number. The user gives consent to the collection of such user information to DealPOS.

DealPOS guarantees that the collection of user information is only used solely for the interests of users, improving service quality, facilitating the transaction process in the service, and other purposes to the extent permitted by legal provisions.

Data Use and Processing

DealPOS may use all data from user information obtained in accessing the service. The use and processing of user information will be used to:

  1. Process all transactions used by users on the DealPOS service
  2. Enhance, improve, and develop the DealPOS service
  3. Use user information data to improve products, and features that facilitate users in the right to use the service.
  4. Assist, facilitate, and solve problems that arise in terms of users using the service.
  5. Conduct communication between users and DealPOS.
  6. Contacting users via email, mail, telephone, etc., to assist and/or complete the transaction process as well as the transaction settlement process.
  7. Use information obtained from users for the purpose of research, analysis, product development, and testing to improve the safety and security of the Service as well as the addition and improvement of new services.
  8. Provide information to users regarding promotions, discounts, surveys, service developments, and others on the DealPOS service.

Data Disclosure

DealPOS cannot disclose User Information without the permission of the user except for the following:

  1. It is necessary to disclose user information to other third parties for the smooth transaction process in the DealPOS service.
  2. Providing relevant information to other parties including cooperation with third parties, business partners, and DealPOS partners in terms of service improvement.
  3. In terms of providing relevant user information to consultants, vendors, auditors, firms, partners, partners, affiliates, parent companies, subsidiaries, and/or group companies.
  4. Disclosure of user information to law enforcement upon an authorized and valid request from law enforcement.

Data Retention and Deletion

DealPOS will retain user information as long as the user is actively using DealPOS services and will delete user information if the user is no longer using the services in accordance with applicable legal provisions.

Privacy Policy Changes

DealPOS reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy at any time. DealPOS advises users to read and understand this privacy policy and to re-read it from time to time. By continuing to use this service, the user is deemed to read, understand, and know the entire privacy policy, then the User will be deemed to agree to this privacy policy if there are changes.