Grow Your Building Material Stores Business with DealPOS

Online Point of Sale to manage your building material store business. can set Multi-Unit stock, set Pre-delivery of goods, and Create multi-storied type promotion (Pricebook)



Multi Unit

The Multi Unit (Multiple UOM) features in DealPOS can help you when you want to break down products from the largest units to the smallest units, where in each largest unit there is a small ratio in it.

Layaway Inventory

Layaway is a way of buying something where the customer makes a down payment on an item, then the goods are stored by the store, while they pay the remaining price in installments, the customer will get the item when he has paid off his payment.


Account Payable & Receivable

The Debt feature in dealPOS can help to record reports if your customer makes a payment by credit (Account receivable), or when you make a purchase to a supplier with a later payment method (Account payable).


Increase your sales with pricebook type promotion features in DealPOS where with the pricebook feature you can set a special sales price for customers who buy in large quantities (Wholesale) or for retail special prices (Retail).