Brand Loyalty App

Build brand loyalty by rewarding your customer with Loyalty Points with every transaction. You can also design Tiering system for your customer to encourage your customers to spend more. Our loyalty app is available in Web platform (No Installation) or Native (Playstore + AppStore)

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Display all products in your shop so customers can find the products they want. Our shop section is integrated with WooCommerce - a free WordPress based ecommerce platform that help merchants to sell online. You can also add products to your shopping cart wishlist.


Stay connected with your customers with the push notification feature. Activate this feature in the application to get notifications about the latest product information, discount offers, and other important updates at your store.

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Several brands are using our Brand Loyalty App

This Is April

Women's fashion brands can now be reached via the application. Customers can easily shop, and enjoy rewards benefits from every product purchase, as well as get up-to-date notifications regarding the latest events or products.



Pioneering retail company operating in the field of selling milk and baby shops, and now spread across Jabodetabek. Through this application, customers can easily find the nearest store in their area and can track membership points from every product purchase.