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There are many Point of Sale Software choices from Free to Paid products. Here are some of the reasons why our product might be the right choice for your business.

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Specifically Designed for Retail Business

We are aware that no product can serve all types of businesses, that is why we decided to focus our product development to only serve Retail businesses such as Fashion, Electronic or Minimarkets.

Here are our recommendations if your business type is type FnB (Food and Beverage) or Service ( Salon / Barbershop or Laundry)

Omnichannel Selling (Offline & Online)

Our software can also be used to manage Products, Inventory and Orders on Online platforms such as Marketplace (Shopee, Tokopedia) / Social Commerce (TikTok Shop) / Web Store (Private domain). Integration with online sales platforms, can increase the efficiency of your team and reach more customers.

Advanced Inventory System

In addition to On Hand Inventory, we also calculate Allocated Inventory for unfulfilled orders, so you can prevent Overselling.

We also provide Inventory Timeline where you can see your Inventory Level at a certain Date for analysis and stock taking.

Input sales via Browser or Mobile App

Our Web application can also can be used as a Point of Sale, we understand that for retail businesses having a Keyboard User Experience is irreplaceable.

We also provide an Android application with 2 views (Tablet and Mobile) for those of you who need high mobility or have limited space example: during Bazaar.


Fast Browsing Experience

Our User Interface is built using SPA (Single Page Application) architecture, providing a very responsive User Experience. You can transition from one page to another quickly without waiting for page refresh.

We also implement Tenant Isolation architecture for our Back End Applications where each customer has an exclusive Subdomain (brand.dealpos.com) which is separate from other customers resulting in fast API Response Time

Marketplace Apps + Open API

We provide integration with other types of applications to support your business such as Accounting System / Marketplace / Loyalty Application. Browse our App Store to see apps connected to our platform.

If you are using products which are not in our App Store, you can also utilize of our OPEN API to build the integration you need.


Microsoft Silver Partner

We partner with Microsoft to develop Applications for Retail SMEs utilizing Microsoft's technology and infrastructure.

Our cloud computing services is powered by Microsoft Azure which has High Performance and Availability (Uptime).

1500+ Paid Brands

Since 2013 we have served 1500+ retail businesses. We are one of the first Cloud Point of Sale in Indonesia, and have customers who have used our services for more than 9 years.

Many of our customers started their first Outlet with us, and grew to operate dozens of Outlets and expand into the Online market.

Private & Profitable Company

Building a sustainable company through Subscription model has been our main focus from day one. We have been profitable since 2014, enabling us to serve our customers indefinitely.

We are also a private Company and have never accept any investment outside of the company. This makes us independent and accountable only to our customers, allowing us to create a long term strategy to provide excellent service.

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