Grow Your Minimarket Retail Business with DealPOS

Cloud Point of Sale Software that easy to use to Grow your retail business. DealPOS support thousands of SKU products and accept Cashless Payments QRIS.

Dashboard Aplikasi Minimarket DealPOS

Print barcode product

Turn your inventory into a barcode that ready to be taped to the product. Your cashier can easily and quickly sell items selected by customers.

Storage Location

Marking products in your store or warehouse by using the storage location feature in dealPOS, you will find the products stored when you want to take them out.


Customer Display

Customer Display is a screen that displayed to your customers, by using the CDS feature in Dealpos, customers can see the products they buy along with ongoing promotions in your store.


Maximize sales Transaction in your store with various promotional features in DeaLPOS such as Buy one get one, promotion event and pricebook where you can set a special sales price for customers who buy in large quantity (Wholesale) and for retail special prices (Retail)