Omnichannel Inventory Management System

Manage inventory stock in offline and online stores in real time on one platform. by Using DealPOS you are no longer need to input stock manually in each channel, so you can save more time and prevent overselling.

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No Bank Statement Manual Checking

Stock Card

The Stock Card feature in dealPOS can record inventory movement history, with this feature you can see the activities in and out of goods from each product in detail. You can also find out the amount of inventory on a certain date, it will be easier for the stock-taking process.

On Hand vs Allocated vs Available

Allocated Inventory is the amount of stock that has been sold but has not been sent to the customer. Allocated inventory features can help businessmen especially those who sell Omnichannel. An allocated inventory report can be a solution to minimize the occurrence of overselling.

Mutiple Payment Options
Automated POS Invoice Payment Status

Buffer & Threshold : Inventory Alert

Determine buffer and threshold for each product so when the product stock is below the buffer, the system will provide notifications and suggestions so you can decide when you should create a Purchase Order and prevent running out of product stock.