Empowering Business With Relevant Software

We love creating software products to help small and medium sized businesses to grow and solve their business challenges.

Why Are We Here?

To Develop an Omnichannel Sales Application to help SMEs manage Inventory and Orders in Offline and Online channels.

Where We Want To Be?

We see a relevant local software with export quality, a product used by businesses around the world.

You Are In A Good Company

Focus on Product

We are committed to spending your money wisely, we invest a lot more to product development and customer support than in sales & marketing. We believe a good product speaks for itself and as we keep our current customers happy with continuous improvements, our customer base will grow organically.


Private and Profitable

Building a sustainable company through Subscription model has been our main focus from day one. We have been profitable since 2014, currently our monthly subscription revenue is growing at a faster rate than our operational expenses. We have no outside investors in the company, which makes it easy for us to commit on customer satisfaction!

Our Journey through time


Our journey started in a small 4 x 5 Office Space with 3 personnel. 6 months development work later, we begin serving our first client This is April

We started to market the product for retail businesses with the name DEALPOS

DEAL-to Distribute or Trade

POS-Point of Sale


We reached our first 100 customer outlets

We moved our office to a new facility and start our Customer Support & Sales Division.


Released Mobile App for Android Tablet Users Released Accounting Add-ons for company's bookkeeping Our subscribers is now in 1,000+ outlet across 10 countries


Covid 19 Pandemic changes the way retail businesses distribute their products. DealPOS launched Marketplace integration to help offline businesses to sell their products Online


10 years we have served Retail UMKM in Indonesia and abroad. Thank you to the customers who have trusted our products.

Behind The Scenes

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